Character: Tsuyukusa
Kodama (Tree Spirit)
"looks 16", estimated to be roughly 8 chronologically. His behavior is generally somewhere in between.
164 cm / 5'4.6"
Favorite food: sake
Least favorite food:
meat and fish
Favorite things: the sound of rain, sunlight
Something he won't part with:
The clothes Bonten (now Toki) wrote charms on (for fear of vanishing.)


Tsunbrat: Anime Turnaround, Teeth(Mainly just sharp fanglike canines but the rest of his teeth seem somewhat pointed too); THIS IS THE DEFAULT FORM
Flowy Vest Edition
Cute Jacket Edition 
Tree 2.0 Edition
(This is what he's wearing in Maf)
Sometimes Horns: YEAH; Generally they are a bad sign for all those involved.
Tsunbrat Lite: Ref, NOW IN COLOR; From when he was even more baby than he is now
Birdtreedeer: Ref; for when he's injured as it takes the least energy to maintain
Giant Treebird: Complete with root feet Size ref; TRUE FORM!!! Basically the same as the Birdtreedeer for when he's in his own forest.
Baby Bird: Ref; He was literally a baby bird when he was born (both times)
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Tony Stark Surrogate Dad
El'Phiun Deerfriend
Takasugi Shinsuke I don't even
Ryuko Matoi Not!Sister
Hazel Levesque Cute Friend
Hiruma Yoichi Okay I guess
Apollo Justice Lawyerfriend
Clay Terran Space Man
Kristoph Gavin Evil Stepmother
Takasugi Shinsuke Please Leave
Travis Touchdown Embarassing
Sasuke Uchiha Confusing not!Mom
Kidrei Regalius Pokemans
Clover Field Dubstep Terrorist
Gaius O'Henry Complicated
Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Unwanted Uncle
Tony Stark Iron Man (movies)- Bus
♥✿☕ "I want my last name to be Stark."
Though they got off to a rocky start due to Tsuyukusa's repeated attempts to swipe Tony's booze, Tony is now one of the few people who can have any real sway over Tsuyukusa's behavior. Tony has given Tree a lot of good advice so in return Tsuyukusa tolerates him more than most people. They also have formed a non-suicide pact via madman shennanigans, founded on their unconvenial methods of doing so. Tree asked Tony to help him learn English and now Tony is teaching him basic math and science too because he's a big nerd and Tsuyukusa's lack of STEM knowledge is unacceptable. Tony sometimes calls him Tsuyu and he's the only one who's allowed to do so. UPDATE: After learning that Tony is friends with a bunch of assholes he dislikes, Tree has a bit of a crisis, but ended up, via talking with said assholes and then Tony, feeling a closer bond with him, Tony having opened up ever so slightly as a result. Tony is very important to Tsuyukusa, and he's become fiercely protective of him. Tony understands him better than anyone else and spends a great deal of time helping him learn things. He is still slightly bothered by the loss of the connection between them regarding objects preventing them from dying, but even with that, Tony is one of the people Tsuyukusa will openly admit to caring about. Currently the pair are stuggling with the idea of Tony being a literal father figure to Tree, especially i the face of a visit from Tree's actual dad.
UPDATE: Tony has adopted Tsuyukusa and they are generally doing well. Tony has become super protective of Tree, though, which Tsuyukusa needs to talk with him about.
El'Phiun Original Character- Aki
✿ You're easy to talk to.
Tsuyukusa felt more at ease with Phiun from the get-go, as he was similarly non-human. Phiun's excessively calm and straightforward nature means less triggering of Tsuyukusa's tsundere, as well. As he is a forest creature, Tsuyukusa feels an innate protective urge towards Phiun, helped by the fact that Phiun is nice to him!! Good Deer Best Friend.
Takasugi Shinsuke (17 y/o ver) Gintama- Jade
☕⚓ "Listen up! If you try doing that here, I'll stop you, no matter what."
These two got along ok at first. Then Takasugi started doing Takasugi things and Tsuyukusa decided he Did Not like him. Things got worse when Taka's yan was directed squarely at Tsuyukusa. It was only after a long conversation with Tony that he was able to fully move past the emotional damage done by Takasugi's words. Not only did he feel better able to handle the man, but he started to feel a little bit sorry for him, upon realizing that Takasugi strives to make others miserable because he himself is miserable. UPDATE: After several extended conversations with him and an unfortunate game of Liar's Dice, Tsuyukusa feels like he might be starting to understand Takasugi a little. He ended up having to tell Takasugi a lot about his past, and ended up exposing more vulnerabilities.
UPDATE: After not only winning an argument with him, but winning a game of liars dice as well, Tsuyukusa finally feels like he's getting the hang of dealing with Takasugi. After learning more about him, Tsuyukusa is mainly frustrated because he understands Takasugi's mentality well but can't get through to the guy because Takasugi interprets his attempts to move on as not caring. After Takasugi told him that he planning on dying once he got his revenge, Tsuyukusa vowed that he wouldn't let him die. Protective urges activate.
Ryuko Matoi Kill la Kill- Okami
♥✿☕ I feel like I can understand you.
Ryuko is one of the few sane people in Mafia, so while Tree had his usual tsun resistance at first, he warmed up to Ryuko pretty quickly. Clearly the easiest way to befriend Tsuyukusa is to treat him like a cat, be nice and calm and let him approach you. (Unless you bring sake.) Tsuyukusa thinks Senketsu is kind of cool even if the outfit he changes into is INDECENT WOW!! But Ryuko seems to have taken a sisterly liking to him, which he will tolerate as long as it isn't addressed out loud. Update: As he has been increasingly emotionally tested as of late, whenever he has Ryuko around, it helps Tsuyukusa to calm himself down. Interacting with Ryuko is easy and Tsuyukusa has somehow ended up finding physical affection (read: hair petting) from her acceptable. They also bonded over parental problems.
Hazel Levesque Heroes of Olympus- Bus
✿ We aren't so different.
Hazel is another person Tree was initially more comfortable with because she is "other." But beyond that she has the same calm personality that seems to work well with him, plus also she thinks his plant expertize is neat. (Even Tsuyukusa is not invulneralbe to ego stroking!!) Hazel seems to be adept at handling him when he gets difficult I WONDER WHY THAT IS. One time they drew pictures of their families it was cute. Tree likes markers.
Hiruma Youichi Eyeshield 21- Froot
✯⚓ I'm not sure what to think of you.
Tree's first impression of Hiruma was overwhelmingly negative and vice versa so they were on bad terms for a while. However time has passed and a lot of things have happened since, so Tsuyukusa has sort of forgotten why he was mad in the first place. They had a relatively civil conversation the other day about pokemon, and Tsuyukusa is simmering down as of late, so who knows???? Maybe they can become friends after all.
Apollo Justice Ace Attorney- Kaia
✿ You're the most reasonable person I've met here.
Though Tsuyukusa's relationships with both Apollo and Clay got off to a rocky start during a particularly crazy game of CAH, as Apollo is sane and relatively polite, it was hard for Tsuyukusa to stay mad at him. When Sasuke skinned Apollo's arm, Tsuyukusa did his best to patch him up and keep him calm, and has been a bit protective of him towards Sasuke ever since. Apollo calls him "Tree."
Clay Terran Ace Attorney- Logan
✿☕ I want to learn more about space.
As with Apollo, Tsuyukusa didn't like Clay at first but mellowed on him due to Clay being a nice guy!! Also one time Clay told him about space and rockets and though he would never admit it, he thought it was PRETTY COOL. He worries about Clay sometimes because he doesn't seem fully cut out for this terrible murder game especially when it comes to Apollo and Phoenix. One time Clay shot him with a gun that Tsuyukusa had just given him but he apologized beforehand because he is a polite elephant. Clay for some reason calls him "Treekasa."
Kristoph Gavin Ace Attorney- Shiny
☠⚓ "There are plenty of ways to get a point across without making you bleed."
Tree's opinion of this relatively quiet german lawyerman was intensely ambivalent until he got stuck in a card game alone with him and actually had a conversation. Tsuyukusa's general opinion of him now is that he's "not as bad as Takasugi but horrible in the same sort of way." The conversation was essentially Kristoph pointing out Tsuyukusa's flaws to make the point of how he's an incompetent child. Whatever Kristoph!! My hair is better than yours. Kris called him Tsuyukusa at first but now will sometimes call him Baum instead. UPDATE: HAHAHAH. Tree's opinion of Kristoph progressed steadily to more and more negative until he found out about his relationship with Tony at which point it plummeted. Tsuyukusa does Not Like Kristoph and he dislike him being involved with Tony even more. They had been forced to a vague truce bu Tony upon his reconciliation with Tree, but the issue has flared up again following Tsuyukusa drunkenly blowing up on Kris and his retaliation of pistol-whipping him. Tony is not pleased. UPDATE: Upon more forced conversation, Tsuyukusa is not so sure he can hate Kristoph, with the vague bond they have via caring about Tony. However he has the same infuriation as he has with Sasuke now. COMPLICATED THOUGHTS ARE HARD WHY IS THIS HAPPENING. NEVERMIND, KRISTOPH IS A CONDESCENDING JERK!!! They're at a standstill because of Tony ordering them to behave, but it's always two steps forward one step back. Tsuykusa isn't surprised a tall to find out that Kristoph is an older brother.
Takasugi Shinsuke Gintama- Jade
☠❅ You're the one I'm actually afraid of.
While he was of course instantly wary of older Takasugi due to his interactions with the younger one. However he was expecting him to just be the same level of manipulative asshole. BOY WAS HE WRONG. Shinsuke honed right in on his critical weak spot, his personal relationships, particularly with humans. Though it was based on a (mostly) faulty assumption, both times that Tsuyukusa has encountered him, he's been left with a lot of stress and nervousness. He gets the distinct impression that this version is Worse than the teenage version, and because of this he's still afraid of him even though he's mostly turned his fear of the other Takasugi into just plain dislike, especially because this one knows that Toki is Important to him, and he's fairly certain that he would go after Toki if he wanted to hurt Tsuyukusa.
Travis Touchdown No More Heroes- Char
✯ You're strange.
Similar to Hiruma, Tree forgot why he was mad at Travis in the first place. Now he is mainly just embarrassed by them both because he got stuck alone in the graveyard and had to witness them being all touchy feely. Any interractions between them tend to be rocky, though.
Percy Jackson Percy Jackson and the Olympians- Okami
✯☕ I suppose you could be worse.
Percy gets a vague pass by being a friend of Hazels and similarly non-human, but his personality is the type that rustles Tsuyukusa's jimmies easily. One time Percy compared him to a dryad and added that they are all female though and Tree didn't appreciate that. Overall he finds Percy tolerable in small doses, though. Because he's not a jerk he's just dumb and kind of annoying.
Sasuke Uchiha Naruto- Emily
⚓☕✿ I don't need you looking after me.
He doesn't know Sasuke as well, but knows that by merit of being associated with Takasugi is obviously trouble. All of his interactions with Sasuke have been pretty negative. Sasuke has never harmed him personally, but Tree developed a strong dislike for him after the incident where Sasuke skinned Apollo's arm. Yeah. UPDATE: During his brief falling-out with Tony, Tsuyukusa ended up taking with Sasuke a fair bit, and found him to be.... more reasonable and understanding than he had expected or imagined. He still doesn't think he likes Sasuke, but sees now that there's more to him than he thought. He even managed to thank him for talking with him, because Sasuke's counsel was invaluable in him getting over the issues driving a wedge between him and Tony.
UPDATE: Sasuke made Tree to promise to stop biting people and so far he hasn't. He's sort of grown to find Sasuke tolerable and Sasuke keeps an eye on him when Tony isn't around, though he claims to not care what happens to him.
Kidrei Regalius Original Character- Aki
✿✯ Pokemon game too weak.
Drei is the one who made the mistake of introducing Tsuyukusa to pokemon. His personality is not horribly compatible with Tree, but he doesn't mind Drei too much. Even though Drei won't shut up about that one time Tree threw his 3DS, god!!! Drei's regret presumably reached its maximum when Tsuyukusa summarily trounced his team in a pokemon battle. You know how you get a level 80 pokemon in a week Drei? DILLIGENCE. Also Drei calls him Koda and he hates it THAT ISNT EVEN CLOSE TO MY NAME!!
Rikugou Tokidoki Amatsuki- Celi
♥✿⚓ "I may be human but I'm also your friend!"
Any game where Toki is present is very stressful to Tsuyukusa WHY ARE YOU HERE GO HOME. For more info on their relationship please read Amatsuki.
Kamakura Izuru Super Dangan Ronpa 2- Gaa
☠ I don't know how to deal with you. Leave me alone.
Izuru likes bullying people and Tree is easily bullied so you can see the problem here. Especially since punching does nothing to Isuru and that is Tsuyukusa's primary problem solving method. Recently he has been TRYING to control himself better and ignore Izuru's taunts but it is hard and no one understands. Iuru is the only one who can rival Takasugi in the field of gettin under Tsuyukusa's skin.
Clover Field 999- Logan
Tree lovered Clover by merit of her being the least terrible option available at the time, and they died immediately. An argument over whose fault it was escalated into a scuffle and then a sound battle and now Tsuyukusa is equal parts huffy and apprehensive at Clover.
Gaius O'Henry Fire Emblem: Awakening- Gaa
☠⚓ "... I trusted you. I won't make that mistake again."
Tsuyukusa had been aware of Gaius as "that guy who calls Takasugi boss for some reason" for a while. It wasn't until a particularly tense set of games that friction started happening, set off when Tsuyukusa terrorist bombed Takasugi and activated Gaius' yan. The next time they were both alive a fight ensued, initially just hair pulling a stern words from Gaius, Tsuyukusa escalated and they ended up with a bite wound and a stab wound respectively. After they'd simmered down and Gaius had yet to do anything about the wounds Takasugi had subsequently left on his face, Tsuyukusa went into medical tree mode, somewhat allieviating the tension between the two. They then went on to do a flawless comedy routine as double interros (they argued the whole time.) Gaius called him Twigs at first but after proferring a few other options to him when he objected to it, has switched it to Branches.
UPDATE: Gaius and Tsuyukusa slowly warmed up to eachother while Gaius had his fight with Takasugi, until Gaius shot Tsuyukusa in the face when he made a misstep not knowing the two had made up. He then blew up and attacked Gaius, before sulking for most the rest of the game. He's not angry anymore, but neither have made any attempt to smooth things over.
Libra Fire Emblem: Awakening- Logan
✯ "Forgive me, but are you an idiot?"
Well meaning Libra tries to be nice to/help Tsuyukusa only to be met with fierce opposition. At the time, it was a combination of tsundere, 100% doneness thanks to Takasugi and Gaius, and the fact that Tree rubbed Libra the wrong way with a few comments he'd made. He can't accept help from the guy NOW. Why are you even still here Libra!! Gosh. He doesn't dislike him he's just like "why tho." Libra doesn't seem to understand his ridiculous stubborn personality either.
Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Tiger & Bunny- Okami
✿⚓ Your attitude is going to hurt you here.
Kotetsu kind of ended up unintentionally being Tsuyukusa's surrogate Tony when he wasn't on speaking terms with him. Tree tsuns at him something fierce but he can't seem to defeat Kotetsu's overwhelmingly positive attitude, evenafter telling him he's killed humans. Kotetsu was determined to see the good in Tsuyukusa, and Tsuyukusa is starting to tolerate him.
Deimos Starfighter- Ashe
⚓ itisamystery.mp3
Deimos and Tree REALLY didn't get along at first, but some way or another, they seem to have grudgingly accepted eachother's presence. Tsuyukusa has mostly given up on getting proper conversation out of Deimos, and Deimos gave Tsuyukusa a butterfly knife to defend himself if need be, since he's sworn off biting. Tsuyukus instead used it to take up wood carving.
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